Looking to launch your own projects?

Contact us if you are looking to start your own projects across any chain. We will develop the contract for your needs, weather it be a long term or short term project. We will provide the liquidity needed to launch so you will not have to trust us with any of your funds! We will also provide logos on the go and a website for your project as required. So all that's left for you is that you grow the project and push!

Liquidity Provided

1% Dev Fee

Long Term or Short Term

Rapid Launches, launch in a matter of minutes!



Finding a Name

Your first step will be to find a name that is best suited to your project. Once that is done, then we can make you a logo and website.

Build a Community

It is your choice weather or not you build a community pre-launch or post-launch, ho

Build Utilitys (Optional)

It is yours and your teams choice weather or not build utilitys surrounding your project. We can assist in making any utility come true as we are developers ourselves and anything that may be out of our reach, we can outsource to the right people.

What is the catch?

How will we benefit?


You will not have to pay us out of your own pocket what-so-ever, we will be paid via your project as we will add a one percent tax onto your project which we will receive. The marketing wallet and any further wallets you wish to add to the contract will be assigned to an address of your liking.